PEACE on Earth, Rumor or Reality?

Thanks for joining us on this incredible journey, XYZ’s of LIFE!  Think. Share. Act.

Let’s jump right in with a heavy-weight topic.

(X) Is world peace possible?

As a kid, this writer wondered about it, asked about it, and was laughed at because of it.

As an adult, I wonder less, know the answer, and I’m laughed at all the more because the popular opinion is that adults are expected to accept by ways of experience, “world peace will never happen.” Just yesterday, simply bringing up “world peace” had my Grandmother chuckling as if I were naive, “it’ll never happen.”

See, the more people told me “it’ll never happen,” the more I needed to understand:

(X) is world peace possible?
(Y) why do people believe world peace is impossible?
(Z) how do we achieve world peace?

We’ll discuss infinity later, but using my kid-logic back in the 1990s where I felt the apparent truth, that by the very nature of infinity -world peace isn’t just possible but inevitable in at least one sliver of Earth’s infinity, I became confident that world peace is possible.

World peace is possible.


(Y) Why do people believe world peace is impossible?

Well, my Grandmother [much love!] offers the perfect, real-world-in-the-here-and-now example. Just mentioning the “idea” of “world peace” made her chuckle and say “it’ll never happen” and even as you read, you are probably going through the seemingly endless list of reasons why it’s not happening right now. Does that make it impossible?

To use a familiar example, inventors including but not limited to the Wright Brothers were laughed at while trying to achieve human-flight because the popular opinion was that human-flight was impossible. Now, we laugh at the laughers for thinking it would be impossible to put humans in flying crafts that would allow us “to soar as birds” because we understand more of the science which said it was inevitable.

Opinion. Science.

We’ll discuss more on the nuances opinion and of science later, but for the moment consider simply that all opinions begin as an idea, and all science begins as an idea plus a desire to have tangible proof.

But why did people think flight was impossible?
Simply put, they didn’t want to or couldn’t imagine how human-flight was possible.
Now, human-flight is fact by way of various air and space crafts.

Here’s a bigger, gut-puncher:
Why did people think abolishing slavery was impossible?
They didn’t want to or couldn’t imagine how life without slavery was possible.

So, why do people think world peace is impossible?
As I told my Grandmother, “…it is that thought exactly, that world peace is impossible, which is why it hasn’t happened yet. Too many people think of the impossibility and therefore also do not even make an effort toward world peace.”

World peace seems impossible because you have to believe it’s possible to figure out how to achieve it, experience to the contrary doesn’t make it impossible. [Thank you history!]

(Z) How do we achieve world peace? 

I could give you a bunch of science, spirituality, or even history, but most people I sense will resonate with tangible actionability so:

Step 1. Believe World Peace is not just possible, but inevitable, and ask yourself do you want to see it in your lifetime? 

Step 2. If your answer is “no,” Namaste. If your answer is “yes,” begin by envisioning what a world at peace looks like, feels like, would BE like. We’ll discuss envision tactics and envisioning world peace later, just know this is your da Vinci Star. Consider it your “idea North Star,” or the “happy place” you hold on to when things get rough or questionable and you feel lost. Basically, stick to your goal and you’ll figure out the rest along the way.

Step 3. Now, understand you are not alone and others are envisioning world peace too so, the third step is to do something about it. For some, it’s artistic ways of spreading the idea (i.e. World Peace Mural Tour, this very blog, etc.). There are those beginning with much-needed disclosure (i.e. Want to Know). For others, it’s the tangible transition between the war-riddled-now and the-peaceful- cocreative-future (i.e. Ubuntu Planet), and still more are focusing on making the best of our human potentials once we’re freed from the things like scarcity, poverty, and war (i.e. The Venus Project).  Get involved or do something new, let’s make world peace a reality within our life time, each of us as individuals… together.

[Links are courtesy examples of movements that have resonated with this writer, researching on your own is absolutely encouraged!]

Those are the XYZs of World Peace!

(X) YES, world peace is possible!
(Y) Experience is why people believe world peace is impossible.
(Z) Imagination, Belief, and Coordinated Actions are how we achieve World Peace.


To borrow from a retired cartoon [Captain Planet], “our powers combined!”
Though Jimi Hendrix said it more tangibly: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

Until we meet again in another blog conversation between our consciousnesses, thank you for sharing your time with these words.




-XYZs of Life
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